Handrail Integrity

Handrail integrity is vital for the safety of personnel on any installation or onshore facility. Very like walkway Kennedy grating, visual inspection cannot determine whether a handrail is fit for purpose. NDT examination is not impossible, but very impracticable given the vast number of handrails located in one facility.


In order to address this issue, CASA have developed a specialist service, FallGuard, which accurately establishes the integrity of your handrail panels in a matter of minutes. These tools allow rapid examination of handrail panels both on deck, but also on stairwells.


If you are an operator in the oil and gas industry or you are a chemical plant or refinery operator, then you need peace of mind that your hand rails and stairways have full Integrity and will not fail unexpectedly. Replacement costs are significant, so why change handrail panels or sockets which are fully serviceable?

  • CASA are the ONLY contractor in the UK to offer this unique service.
  • Our tools guarantee your handrails are fit for service.
  • Continued visual inspection by Structural Engineer is NOT effective.
  • Rapid results guaranteed.
  • Get ahead of your peers, don’t have a needless embarrassing incident damaging your reputation.



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