Internal Caisson Inspection

Internal Caisson Inspection is currently the only fully reliable method of confirming the integrity of a caisson. It is often overlooked in favour of external ROV inspection, however unless the caisson is fully cleaned externally, critical defects are usually missed until they reach a hazardous condition. However, when caisson defects are discovered early, they can be repaired to enable many more years of service.


Platforms generally underestimate the importance of caissons to their operation. Loss of a fire pump caisson, for instance, could potentially lead to down manning, and loss of a sea water lift may have a forceful impact on production. Asset managers should bear in mind that a severed caisson is an HSE reportable dropped object, and has the unwanted potential to significantly damage a platform jacket, or perforate a riser.


CASA has developed bespoke, industry-leading caisson inspection tooling which enables us to deliver an enhanced service to our clients. Current capability allows inspection of any caisson diameter between 400mm and 1250mm.


The unique process designed and employed by CASA permits immediate inspection of the caisson after the cleaning operation.


Significant anomalies are reported immediately to our client focal point in order that they can make appropriate decisions concerning the return to service of any sea water lift or fire pump. Our standard reporting includes recommendations for engineering repairs and future management.


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