Sea Water Lift Pumps & Right Angle Gearboxes

Sea Water Lift Pumps


We also have capability to service and refurbish seawater lift pumps -­ which can bring you significant OPEX savings.


We  offer  an  overhaul  and  repair  service,  including  removal and installation to bring clients much greater efficiency in the field of caisson inspection.


All seawater pumps regardless of original manufacturer can be overhauled, and obsolete  parts  replaced  as  necessary, ensuring continued use of your original equipment and improved uptime.


We can also make modifications to your existing equipment to improve caisson integrity.



Right Angle Gearboxes


Many Sea Water Lift Pumps used on Offshore Platforms have  Right Angle Gearboxes fitted to Transfer the drive from the Power Unit (Diesel Engine) to the Submersible Vertical Pump.


These Gearboxes are frequently overlooked and not serviced as frequently as they should be. Gearbox failure will lead to loss of Sea Water and may Impact on the Safe Operation of the Platform. Removal and Service could take many weeks, and delivery of a new Gearbox could be a minimum of 6 Months.


CASA are able to offer a routine Maintenance & Service Program for all your Gearboxes regardless of the Manufacturer. Some examples are,


  • De’Ran GEAR


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